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At SPINEL DENTAL, our mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of children, youth and adults by offering the highest-quality dental care in a private-office atmosphere. By providing a team of professional, highly educated, honest, compassionate and committed employees, we aim to improve patient health, appearance, self-confidence, and overall quality of life.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be recognized as a dental office providing the highest quality in dental healthcare in a friendly, respectful and comfortable atmosphere.

Core Values

CARE: SPINEL DENTAL employees demonstrate a high level of concern, compassion, care, and understanding for each other and for our patients.

COMFORT: At SPINEL DENTAL, we aim to provide a mutually comfortable atmosphere for both our patients and our staff. Further, we strive to create a painless and positive experience for our patients.

CLEANLINESS: SPINEL DENTAL office provide a clean and sterile working environment, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment.

IMPROVEMENT: At SPINEL DENTAL, we strive to improve the quality of care we provide our patients through continued education for employees, weekly meetings, morning huddles, and Quality Care Surveys, which encourage (and reward) patient input.

EDUCATION: SPINEL DENTAL employees value knowledge and excellence and strive to advance their education in dental healthcare.

RESPECT: At SPINEL DENTAL, all employees and business partners treat each other and our patients with the utmost respect, dignity, integrity, and honor.

PREVENTATIVE DENTISTRY: SPINEL DENTAL is an advocate of preventative dentistry and strives to prevent serious dental problems before they occur. Taking proper care of your teeth is a much easier solution than having to fix major problems with solutions such as an implant denture to prevent further bone loss and premature aging of the face.

Our goal is to make dental care a comfortable, positive, and cost-effective experience for our patients.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: At SPINEL DENTAL, we value and appreciate our community. In an effort to strengthen our relationship with our community, we actively pursue ways to give back through local events, targeted community educational programs such as school visits and field trips educating children on the importance of dental healthcare, and charitable givings.

Dental Clinic Hamilton Ontario


Dr Sayeh Hadianfar Spinel Dental

Dr. Sayeh Hadianfar


Dr. Sayeh Hadianfar was born in Iran and grew up in Dubai, UAE where she attended Ajman University of the Science, graduating in 2004. She began practicing dentistry in Dubai, then spent a year in Iran training rigorously to expand the scope of expertise.  She then attended the National Board Exam and began practicing in the Canada after completing her exam .
Dr. Sayeh is a worldly individual with a passion for art, design, and culture. Because of this, she views herself as an artist and teeth her canvas. This rare fusion of a scientific and artistic approach, she feels, adds an exceptional dynamic to the paradigm of Modern Dentistry. Dr. Sayeh is an amiable and compassionate clinician who has been working with a broad patient base from a wide range of ages and backgrounds.
She is a strong advocate of a holistic approach to health, and believes that the whole body works as one cohesive system. For that reason, she believes in extensive continued education, which manifests in her attendance to relevant regional, national, and international conferences.
These venues of training help her to stay current with advances in dental treatment designed with comfort and excellence for patient care. Dr. Sayeh is experienced in creating complex treatment planning through specialty focused treatment. This mindset has proven to be the most comfortable and satisfying for patients receiving treatment.
Patient well-being is of the utmost concern to Dr. Sayeh.She believes in personalized care in a compassionate manner and feels its most important to learn about her patient’s expectations in order to provide the highest level of care possible.

Angella Ramelli


Angela has been in the dental field for over 25 years. She was first employed as a Certified Dental Assistant. She later graduated from Mohawk College as a Registered Nurse. Angela was employed as an RN with an Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons office. She returned to school and graduated from Niagara College as a Dental Hygienist. She has enjoyed clinical practice as well as many years of teaching experiences. Angela has been working with Dr. Bucsa for the last 13 years and takes pride in the care she delivers to her patients. Angela is married and has two teenage children who keep her busy.

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