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“ Our team at SPINEL DENTAL believes that every patient should be able to afford the dental services they need. We help you find ways to finance your treatments with ease ”

Is financing the fastest way to your beautiful smile?

Our office offers the best financing plans available. We strive to provide the very best treatment, and the same applies to our financing options. You can apply now!

There is no need to worry about paying for treatment that will be a hardship to pay immediately.
With online application, you have access to health smart financial benefits.

This provides you access to financing whether you have a high or a low score.
One very important program is our 3 months "No Interest" financing option.

Other one is 12 months "Low Interest" financing option. This is great for those who want to finance and pay small amount each month.

Over the years we have found versatile financing, like those programs, is very important to meet everyone's needs.

To take advantage of this opportunity, simply fill out the online application and click "submit". We will contact you to finalize your application and make sure you get the best financing available.

You can also apply in the office.It takes minutes to apply and get approved.

As a patient, we pledge to provide you uncompromising dentistry and service in all aspects of your treatment. This includes locating financing that best serves you.

Our Patient Financing Plan allows you to:

  •  Apply conveniently, online.

  •  Quick approvals from multiple lenders.

  •  One Application.

  •  Schedule your treatment immediately.

  •  Blended billing-Bill Insurance for treatment that’s covered.

  •  No application or annual fee.

  •  Many programs have interest free financing for up to 1 year.

  • 3 months or 12 months terms.

  • 5 out of 10 patients take advantage of financing.

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